Maestro conference


In support of our conscious evolution as a Universal Humanity, we host a twice monthly Global Communion call. This is a sacred space and vibrational field where we join together, sharing from essence to essence, strengthening the field of global heart resonance and our collective embodiment of the divine impulse of creation.

Come share from your heart and build planetary resonance with us.

The Communion call takes place on the 2nd and 4th SUNDAY morning of each month from 8-9:15 AM pacific time.

We use “Maestro-Conference” services on our website to meet as a group. We only use the audio function of the conferencing service. "Maestro" is a conference portal operated by Maestroconference – 2323 Broadway Suite 110B – Oakland, USA – +1 877-414-1515, hereinafter referred to as “Maestro”. You can read more about their privacy policy at

If you want to join in one of our “Global Communion Calls” live you’ve got to sign up on their website. We provide a unique link for this process that you'll find at the bottom of this page.

“Maestro” will store your name and your email address on their servers for the purpose to send out reminders of our upcoming calls. This will happen 24 hours and 2 hours before the call takes place. Furtheron you’ll receive a personal PIN number and an unique phone number to dial in into our calls. We won’t use any of this data for our purposes except when sending out notifications concerning the use of "Maestro". If you want to opt out from the “Maestro” conference list you can do so by clicking on the opt out link provided within every reminder from “Maestro” that enters your email account. If you wish to stay in touch with us please subscribe to our newsletter separately.

With your participation on our free “Global Communion Calls” you agree hereby that we record the live calls and share the recorded calls in an edited version in the following ways:

1. within our network of registered members
2. within our network of newsletter subscribers pointing to the latest call.
3. on the front page of our website for anyone to listen into without any need to sign up.

Furtheron we might want to share quotes of your spoken words on Twitter or Facebook. In future you may find some "nuggets" or quotes here:

Of course you are most welcome to simply listen to what others share without adding your voice in particular.